Cultivar Family 
Logical Entity Name  Cultivar Family 
Default Table Name  cultivar_families 
Owner  garden 
Definition  Cultivar Family is a generic group that may include many individual cultivars. Examples include Lettuce ,Beets, corn, sunflowers, etc. 

Cultivar Family Attributes 
Attribute/Logical Rolename  Domain  Datatype  NULL  Definition 
Cultivar Family Code(PK)  Family  NCHAR(2)  NO  Distinguishes one cultivar class from another. Normally this will be a short abbreviation for the generic name for a class of cultivars. For example, mustard is MU, lettuce is LT, and flowers are FL. 
Cultivar Family Name  Garden Name  NVARCHAR(35)  YES  The name for a class of cultivars. Examples include mustard, Kale, Spinach, etc