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Bottom up approach to specifications.Datamorphosis is a consulting and training firm that specializes in helping clients establish clear requirements specifications to provide stable foundations for software systems. These include embedded real-time systems as well as client-server, Internet, data mart and  data warehouse applications. 

The model-based methods that we promote provide a clear approach to resolving complex problems a step at a time.

Many so-called "Business Information Systems" consist of the residue of overlapping applications and overlapping data from multiple disconnected development efforts. These are often driven by due dates rather than any sense of responsibility for the system as a whole. As a result of all this any given data element may have any number of apparently disparate definitions that all actually refer to the same thing.

We can help you cut through the confusion of quick-fix nostrums to achieve useful solutions to your systems problems.You should not have to waste  time and energy struggling to come up with yet another definition for mud. 

Our approach to specifying requirements is presented in more detail in the 'Courses' link. 

Our approach to integrating organized methods with current practices is described in the 'Methods' link.  

Tools and examples of our packaging of project deliverables are illustrated in the 'Tools' link. 

A case study that includes an information model with definitions is included in the 'Garden' link. 

Details about the company history are in the  'Company' link. 

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