Logical Entity Name  Planting 
Default Table Name  plantings 
Owner  garden 
Definition  A planting is the basis for maintaining information about a group of one or more Cultivar starts from a Lot that were planted on a particular day in a specific type of Container. Plantings are central for managing most aspects of gardening


Planting Attributes 
Attribute/Logical Rolename  Domain  Datatype  NULL  Definition 
Planting Id(PK)  Sequence  INTEGER  NO  The identifier for a planting. 
Cultivar ID(FK)    NVARCHAR(35)  NO  The Identifier for a cultivar. The structure is modeled on the Territorial Seed prototype which has an alpha abbreviation followed by a number. For example, Dragon Tongue mustard is MU522.. 
Lot Reference(FK)  Lot  NVARCHAR(12)  NO  Lot Reference distinguishes one Lot from another for a given cultivar. Normally the year assigned to a packet of seeds by a vendor or the year seeds were collected iprovides uniqueness.,Typically this is all the gardener needs. In some cases gardeners collect multiple lots for a Cultivar for a given year and use year plus -1, -2, and so on if they want to tell one lot from another. 
ContainerType(FK)  Name  NVARCHAR(50)  NO  The type of container that the planting is in. This makes it possible to follow a planting as it is transplanted from one container to another. It also makes it necessary to treat a garden bed as a container. 
Planting Date    DATE  NO  The date the cultivar was started . Normally this will be the date the seed (planting unit) was put in a container and expected to grow.This remains to identify the original planting regardless of how many times it is transplanted. 
Planting container count  Count  INTEGER  YES  The number of containers used for this planting 
Planting Unit Name(FK)  Planting Unit  NVARCHAR(35)  NO  The thing being planted (see reference values or dropdown list). Typically this will be seeds to begin with then as transplants occur it will be seedlings. 
Planting Unit Count  Count  INTEGER  YES  The number of seeds or other planting units used for this planting. 
Transplant Indicator  Indicator  BIT  YES  Indicates whether this version of a planting is a transplant.