Planting Event 
Logical Entity Name  Planting Event 
Default Table Name  planting_events 
Definition  A Planting Event is something that happens in or to a planting in the garden that the gardener wishes to keep track of.. For example, emergence dates and germination percentages are useful information. Also, special applications of fertilizer or pest control might be noted. 

Planting Event Attributes 
Attribute/Logical Rolename  Domain  Datatype  NULL  Definition 
Location Name(PK)(FK)  Location  NVARCHAR(35)  NO  The name of the Location that is hosting the Planting where this Event occurred.
Examples: Utility Lights, Deck, Kitchen NW, Flower N 
Planting Id(PK)(FK)  Sequence  INTEGER  NO  The identifier for a planting. 
Location Start Date(PK)(FK)  Date  DATE  NO  The date the Location became host to the Planting that is the subject of the Event.. 
Event Sequence(PK)  Sequence  SMALLINT  NO  Sequence of this event within events for the container_location 
Event Date  Date  DATE  NO  The date of an the Event being noted. 
Event Name  Name  NVARCHAR(50)  YES  The name of the event. Some examples are:
Pest control
Apply Fertilizer 
Event Count  Count  INTEGER  YES  A count that applies to the event being journaled. 
Event Percent  Percent  NUMERIC(3, 2)  YES  A percentage value that applies to the Event Name
.Example: For name "Germination" this would be the percentage of seeds in a planting that have emerged. 
Event Description  Description  NVARCHAR(1000)  YES  A textual description of the event that should clarify the meaning of count and percent.