Planting Location 
Logical Entity Name  Planting Location 
Default Table Name  planting_locations 
Owner  garden 
Definition  A Planting Location links one Location with one Planting
A Location may host any number of Plantings .
A Planting may reside in one or more Locations. 

Planting Location Attributes 
Attribute/Logical Rolename  Domain  Datatype  NULL  Definition 
Location Name(PK)(FK)  Location  NVARCHAR(35)  NO  The name of the Location that is hosting the Planting Container. 
Location Start Date(PK)  Date  DATE  NO  The date the Location became host to the Planting in the Container. 
Planting Id(PK)(FK)  Sequence  INTEGER  NO  The identifier for a planting. 
Location Start Count    INTEGER  YES  The count of planting units at the Cultivar when the Location became host to the Planting in the Container Type 
Location Current Count  Count  INTEGER  YES  The current count of plants from the planting at this location. This may be reduced by transplants from or compost from the location. Also, it may be edited. 
Container Unit Count  Count  INTEGER  YES  Count of containers for the planting hosted at the location. 
Reason  Name  NVARCHAR(50)  YES  The reason for including the planting at the Location. 
Tag Code  Identifier-Code  VARCHAR(10)  YES  Tag Code supports monitoring specific plants or groups of plants at a location.
Tag Code value is assigned and managed by the gardener. 
Location Status Code  Status  NVARCHAR(1)  NO  The current status of the planting at the location.
G - Germinating
M - Maturing
H - Harvest
I - Interim pending fix
P - Pending final transplant
O- Obsolete, planting gone 
Location Status Date  Date  DATE  YES  The date that the current status became effective.