Logical Entity Name  Lot 
Default Table Name  lots 
Owner  garden 
Definition  A collection of one or more starts for a Cultivar that are used to establish a Planting.. A Lot may be a collection of seeds or a collection of settings, cuttings, or any other planting unit.

For a given Lot there is exactly one Cultivar
For a given Cultivar there may be any number of Lots

A Lot may consist of seeds or starts from a Parent Lot
A Parent Lot may provide seeds or starts for any number of Lots 

Lot Attributes 
Attribute/Logical Rolename  Domain  Datatype  NULL  Definition 
Cultivar ID(PK)(FK)    NVARCHAR(35)  NO  The Identifier for a cultivar. The structure is modeled on the Territorial Seed prototype which has an alpha abbreviation followed by a number. For example, Dragon Tongue mustard is MU522.. 
Lot Reference(PK)  Lot  NVARCHAR(12)  NO  Lot Reference distinguishes one Lot from another for a given cultivar. Normally the year assigned to a packet of seeds by a vendor or the year seeds were collected iprovides uniqueness.,Typically this is all the gardener needs. In some cases gardeners collect multiple lots for a Cultivar for a given year and use year plus -1, -2, and so on if they want to tell one lot from another. 
Lot Unit Name(FK)  Lot Unit  NVARCHAR(35)  NO  The form or packaging that we acquire cultivar starts..Typically this would be a packet of seeds or a box of seedlings or a Bag of seeds from a prior harvest. 
Lot Unit Count  Count  INTEGER  YES  Count of units originally in the lot. Typically this would be the number of packets of seeds. It might be the number of boxes of seedlings in a purchase or a count of seed disks. 
Planting Unit Name(FK)  Planting Unit  NVARCHAR(35)  NO  The name of the thing being planted. Normally, this would be seeds bot it might be seedlings, sets or something else. (see reference values). 
Planting Unit Count  Count  INTEGER  YES  The number of seeds or other planting units in all of the lot units for the lot.. 
Lot Vendor_ID  Garden Name  NVARCHAR(35)  YES  The identifier assigned by the vendor or other source for this Lot. 
Lot_Status Code  Lot Status  NVARCHAR(1)  NO  A Lot may be Pending, In stock, or Out of stock.,  
Lot Year  Year  VARCHAR(4)  YES  The optimal planting Year for the Lot. Normally this is the year after the seeds in the Lot were harvested. 
Lot Source  Name  NVARCHAR(50)  YES  The source of the lot. Normally this will be the name of whoever packaged the seeds or the location or harvest where the seeds were collected. 
Lot Description  Description  NVARCHAR(1000)  YES  Optional narrative explaining relevant information about the lot.