Logical Entity Name  Container 
Default Table Name  containers 
Owner  garden 
Definition  A container provides a place for one or more plantings. A planting may reside in one or more containers. A container may be portable such as a pot or tray or it may be fixed, such as a garden bed.

Container Attributes 
Attribute/Logical Rolename  Domain  Datatype  NULL  Definition 
Container Type(PK)  Name  NVARCHAR(50)  NO  A name that distinguishes one type of container from another.. 
Container Capacity  Count  INTEGER  YES  The number of units of a cultivar the container will hold. 
Container Material    CHAR(10)  YES  The composition of the container: clay, plastic, wood, etc. 
Container Category  Type  NVARCHAR(12)  NO  A code that distinguishes one subtype from another.