Logical Entity Name  Cultivar 
Default Table Name  cultivars 
Owner  garden 
Definition  A specific vegetable, herb, flower,or fruit that we nurture and plant in our gardens, yard, and planting beds.

For a given Cultivar there may be any number of Lots.
For a given Lot there is always one Cultivar

For a given Cultivar there may be any number of Images.
For a given Image there may be any number of Cultivars.

Cultivar Attributes 
Attribute/Logical Rolename  Domain  Datatype  NULL  Definition 
Cultivar ID(PK)    NVARCHAR(35)  NO  The Identifier for a cultivar. The structure is modeled on the Territorial Seed prototype which has an alpha abbreviation followed by a number. For example, Dragon Tongue mustard is MU522.. 
Cultivar Family Code(FK)  Family  NCHAR(2)  NO  The Family that the Cultivar belongs to 
Cultivar Name  Garden Name  NVARCHAR(35)  YES  The name of the cultivar as specified by the vendor or as assigned by the gardner. 
Days To Germination Count  Count  INTEGER  YES  Expected days until germination is evident. This is the earliest number of days because we start most cultivars then transplant them. Use to plan garden planting schedule. 
Days To Maturity Count  Count  INTEGER  YES  Anticipated number of days for the cultivar to be ready for harvest. 
Description  Description  NVARCHAR(1000)  YES  Descriptive notes associated with a Cultivar.  
Life Cycle Code  Code-1Char  CHAR(1)  YES  Indicates whether cultivar is:
- Annual
- Biannual
- Perennial